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Major destash before the boxes bury my house into the ground..
I have a major destash going on. I got my circle from jenova today, and unfortunately, only ONE of the decants I selected my son and I both liked. Bummer! So, in my ability to afford to pay her for the NEW circle I am joining, I need to let some of these puppies go.

I ship in recycled mailers, and tape all bottles and imps, then bag them in baggies just in case. Shipping is $2.50 with DC as always.

5ml Bottles, all full:
The Deserted Village 2009 - backup, never used - $20
All Saint's 2005, cobalt, aged beautifully - backup, never used - $20
Doll's Eye Infused Honey - missing one decant - $12.50
Catherine - never used - $12.50

LE decants:
Good Omens: $5 each, what I paid in the circle:
The Buggre Alle This Bible
Nanny Ashtoreth

Butterflies and Moths: $3.50
Common Jezebel
Paper Kite

Lovers in a Carp Streamer - $3
Kiss Amongst Discarded Tissues - $3
Chaos Theory 2010: Frankincense #130 - $3, bare hint of lime and semi-herbal to my nose.

Big ol' list of GC imps: $1 each

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I THOUGHT you were the one that wanted that! See - I shouldn't question myself.

Please send $20 even to, and I will try to get it out ASAP. I have Monday off, so things may be pushed back to then, as tomorrow is looking awfully scary at this point. :)

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Got it - address on there correct?

(Deleted comment)
It certainly is! Should I do SnowWhiteMoon c/o James, or your name?

Wow, I just realized... you and I were gonna swap for Catherine a long time ago, weren't we? *embarrassed* If you're still interested in that, let me know?

Got a swaplist? no one seems to be biting. :)

Oops! Yes. I'm sorry. Life's been a little chaotic and I somehow missed your post!

OK, here's what I have to swap:

Under the Harvest Moon (1/2)
Diable en Boit (1/3)
Her Voice 1/2
Winter of our discontent 08 1 imp in bottle
On Darkness 09 1/2
Sacred Whore of Babylon

Now that I've labeled my collection , I should go through and weed it a little. Those are the ones I've put in the swap box at the moment, though.

Unfortunately, I just sold a lot of those these past few months because they don't work on me. :(

I have an imp of Flossing but someone has a bottle here for $7.20

What would you like for your imp, providing that you want to sell/swap?

Thank you for alerting her and letting her know that I'm looking. I really appreciate it when you do that for people. :)

Hey I would have posted this on sinandsalvation but I can't comment there yet.

Still new to this but I came across this thread earlier and I remembered your post.

It seems they have a 2oz. Embalming Fluid Bath Oil for 8$. Is that what you were looking for?

OH wow. Thank you VERY much for finding that!!! Is there a wishlist for you somewhere?

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